Come in to see a Roulette Wheel from the Alaskan Gold Rush days, Vintage Photographs, Old-Fashioned Vacuum Cleaners, Life Jackets from the Queen Mary, Gas Clothes Irons, Wooden Shoes form Holland, Hair Curler Irons, Farm Equipment, Oil Lamps, Rifles, Swords from around the World, Drums, Spears, Wood Working Tools, Paintings, and our famous Music Makers.

You gotta look UP! Many of our antiques are located on the ceiling.

Antique Music Makers

Seaburg H Model Solo Orchestrion

Quoted from the Seaburg Catalog. “Piano, xylophone, 68 pipes, giving violin, piccolo, flute and clarinet effects, mandolin attachment, bass drum, snare drum, tympana, cymbal, triangle and castanets. Manufacturers J.P. Seaburg Piano Company, of Chicago called it a “Masked Marvel. Equal to seven man orchestra.

Marsh's Free Museum - Long Beach WA - Seeburg H Model Solo Orchestrion

Pianoette Regina

This Pianonette Regina, manufactured by the American Automated Piano Company, could be found only on the wealthiest estates . This particular model plied the Mississippi River during the days of the Paddle Wheelers in the 1860’s.

Marsh's Free Museum - Long Beach WA - Pinnetto

Imported French Canary

The “French Canary” is an imported music box, and as the name implies was made in, and imported from, France. Being well over 100 years old, the Canary’s mechanical movements of wing, head and beak still move to the music as he sings along with the magnificent sounds of this music box!

Marsh's Free Museum - Long Beach WA - French Canary Music Maker

Grandfather Clock with Music Box

Manufactured about 1890, this Music Box Grandfather Clock features a twelve inch musical box disc at it’s base. Very rare, perhaps as few as a dozen were ever built.

Marsh's Free Museum - Long Beach WA - Vintage Grandfather Clock with Music Maker

"The Wellington"

Strike up the band

Marsh's Free Museum - Long Beach WA - Vintage Wellington Music Maker


Disc music box. C 1890. 

Marsh's Free Museum - Long Beach WA - Vintage Olympia Music Maker