If you want to see a shrunken head (one of three authentic specimens on the West Coast), or a complete human skeleton (found in a closet here on the Coast), Marsh’s is the place to visit.

Although Jake The Alligator Man is the most heralded of the weird to wonderful oddities you will encounter at Marsh’s Free Museum, there is much, much more.

How long has it been since you’ve gazed into the eyes of a Yak, a Lioness, a Seca, or a Russian Boar? And these are just a few of the many stuffed and mounted animals that adorn the walls or rafters.

From a two headed calf or an eight legged lamb to the truly unusual – there is no end to the marvels one uncovers in every nook and cranny.

Learn how Jake became a cult hero, join his fan club and check out his line of “Jake Wear” and “Gator Gear” at Jake’s Place.

Marsh's Free Museum - Long Beach WA - Jake the Alligator Man